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11th-Jan-2009 11:05 am - Repost
life is beautiful
I made these quite a while ago and thought I'd repost them for the New Year.

I lost.....iconsCollapse )

Last year this time I weighed 205lbs. I got down to 142lbs by August with the help of Spark People. I have gained some back over the holiday's so I'm at it all again to hopefully finally achieve my final weight goal. If anyone would like to add me as a friend I'd love it.

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25th-Jun-2007 10:09 am - Back in the Boat
Beth Aug 9
I jumped ship on SparkPeople back in May when we went on vacation. Today, I'm making renewed effort to get back in the boat and get my food consumption under some semblance of control again.
With the addition of my shiny new orthopedic boot, my exercise has been limited to say the least, but, I'm going to do some upper body strength training and some stretching. Hopefully, that will make it easier to get back to regular exercise when I'm able.

Also, I'm very proud of dizzydog and searchingbuddha for their efforts in the race this weekend. You guys are awesome!
24th-Jun-2007 10:36 am - And the race is run!
dizzydog and I ran the race we've been talking about yesterday.
I must say, we did purdy darn good.

My official results:
Place: 34th in my age group (out of 66), 209th of all women (out of 359)
2 miles - 21:37
4 miles - 39:45

Whew, my calves hurt this morning. I am pleased to say that I actually ran the whole thing without a break, which was my goal. I paced myself well, which is most pleasing to me. I actually followed this fellow that ran the race while *juggling* for most of the time, but decided I could not possibly let him beat me across the finish line, so as soon as I could see it, I went from a mild jog to an out and out run. I rather enjoyed passing him.

dizzydog has somehow managed to convince me to sign up for a 10k (6 miles) in October. Gah, overachieving self. Of course I had to accept. We have dragged a few additional friends in on this one.

I am so proud of us. We all set a tough objective and went out and did it...in D.C.'s June heat, no less. We are keen indeed.

How is everyone doing? Still Sparking along?
31st-May-2007 05:47 am - Weigh-in Day
Today was weigh-in day....and I was very pleased to discover that I am at my very lowest adult weight, except for that one week where I developed hyperthyroidism and dropped down to three pounds less than I weigh now. (Happens when you're sick sometimes)

According to my Sparkpeople report, I'm only 2 pounds more than I should be if I'm going to reach my weight loss by date, though I don't really see myself meeting it. I plateaued at 150 for a while and now seem to be losing just about a pound a week if I'm really good all week. I just keep reminding myself that these the dreaded LAST TEN pounds, so it's going to be a big fight.

Also in cheerful news, I went to a favorite clothing store last night and confirmed that it's not just my pants - I really, truly no longer fit into size 8 pants. They slip right off my hips. I've lost two inches off my stomach since starting and one inch off my hips, so I guess that makes sense.

So naturally I had to buy some new pants, since I had a gift certificate to spend.

Running is definitely paying off - I went for a 45 minute run yesterday. It was soured at the end by some guy yelling out his window that I was "jiggly-wiggly" as I jogged by, but screw him, at least I was out exercising.
21st-May-2007 06:30 am - Ooof.
Yesterday was a bad one. I went over my calorie limit by slightly over 500 calories. (Read: ate half a pizza)

I was just starving all day yesterday and sitting around studying, so munching was a must. Munching on watermelon isn't very fulfilling, though it does give you a decent amount of fiber for very few calories.

If you don't go and binge on pizza, that is.

The scale is back up to the hated weight I can't seem to drop below.

13th-May-2007 05:00 pm - How's it going?
This has been a quiet community -- how's the spark going?

I'm still running, though today my run didn't go so hot. I did manage to jog 2.5 miles before caving and walking, but I think that's because I ran the day before. I'm supposed to do that according to my training program, but it never quite works out for me.

My legs are so tired! Actually, all of me is tired, because I've been picking up some extra classes at the gym too. I feel like some part of me is always sore, but I keep telling myself that once I go into maintain mode, it won't be like this.

Food-wise, I'm starting to get a little bored, though I did just join a vegetarian sparkteam, so hopefully they'll have some suggestions.

I had to make one of my favorite party dips for a conference that I'm speaking at on Wednesday. It was torture not having any, but since it's cream cheese rolled in nuts, I figured it wasn't worth the calories. Besides, I have never yet been able to have just a little bit of it.

I just have to keep envisioning my future waistline and telling myself that it will be mine...but not if I go gorge on the cream cheese in the fridge.
30th-Apr-2007 01:17 pm - Weekly progress report
dream tree
Hiyas, time for my usual monday morning update and weigh-in :)

On the good side, weigh-in showed a loss of another pound, putting me at 167. The BMI chart now says I'm officially in the "Healthy" range now *cheers*. I'll be happier when I'm closer to the middle than the bare edge of the high end, but this is good. Measurements are trending the same, I lost another inch around the belly, butt and neck measurements are exactly the same. This works for me, as the belly is what I most wanted to work down.

Nutrition overall isn't doing bad. I've never gone over the top, but there's been a few days where I bottomed out. Oops. I've had a cold/sore throat/cough/thingy which really killed my energy or desire to do anything, so I had to go back and fill in the nutrition info for a few days in a row all at once. Some of the stuff I thought would be higher calorie wasn't, and some of the days I just didn't each much cause I'm not hungry when sick. Most were close, but that one day only came to 890. Just goes to show the importance of tracking everything as it happens, and planning a bit ahead so you don't get to the end of the day and be all out of wack.

Exercise is ramping back up slowly. Beth's doctor today mentioned that my knee problems recently are probably related to the new shoes, as I've never worn anything with proper support. It chages the forces on my ankles, knees, etc, and will take time to get used to it. For now I picked up some new knee braces, some hot and cold packs for after-exercise care, and more strength building exercises. Yesterday was fully back into walking/running, but not formally timed intervals yet. I ran when I felt ready, stopped when it felt like I was pushing things jointwise. Total was 4.71 miles, 68 minutes, including warmup and cooldown periods. Tonight is exercise bike work for endurance work and give joints impact relief, tomorrow is more running.

So what's everyone else up to?
29th-Apr-2007 09:01 am - Running update
I ran a lot this morning.

3.7 miles in about 41 minutes in intervals of 7 minute runs with 1 minute walks for resting. (I walked a minute or two more at the end)

The race may be doable after all - I'd fallen a bit behind on my training what with the emergency trip to Wisconsin and straining my ankle, so was beginning to doubt it, but am feeling very optimistic this morning.

Dolly Parton is *totally* the best running music of all time. Want to get your blood flowing? Crank up 9 to 5 to get your office angst moving and your body will move right along with it. Industrial is too fast for me - I exhaust myself - but Dolly's rhythm seems to work perfectly for me for a good run.

This morning's run (burning 450 calories) even cancels out the apple pie I had for breakfast (also 450 calories). Still, I think the pie helped with my go juice, so will have to find something sugary to eat before running that's not so high calorie.

Now for a shower, because I am a stinky monkey.
25th-Apr-2007 11:14 am - Emotional eating, like, woah!
Beth Aug 9
Monday was a bad day at work. I got yelled at by someone who a.) has no business yelling at me, and b.) was partly at fault for the thing he was yelling about.

Being the type of person that I am, I was really upset by the whole situation. By the time I got home, I was so drained that I didn't even want to look at my kitchen, let alone cook dinner. So, pizza was ordered and consumed. Nutritionally, we're talking about approximately 1200 calories for that one meal. The rest of my day had been on track, but the emotional eating splurge put me up to around 2100 calories for the day.

On a non-emotional eating note, the VP of Sales is in town this week and took the group here out to lunch with a new Project Manager we just brought on board. We went to Chevy's (Tex-Mex). I had fajitas, but in looking at the nutritional info, I probably consumed close to 900-1100 calories for that meal too. I can't be sure so I went with the highest number. Yesterday was on the high side of my calorie range too.

Today, I'm making an effort to keep things under control. :)
23rd-Apr-2007 09:31 am - Monday Update
dream tree
Heyas, I'm long overdue for an update :)

Starting with the weekly weigh-in, as of this morning I'm at 168.1 pounds. That puts me at 13 pounds lost so far, and officially at the halfway point for my first weight goal :D

Started measurements about two weeks ago, just taking measurements around my neck, the fattest part of my stomach, and around my butt, as I figured those would be good indicators, and the second two I'd like to see shape up. So far neck and butt are staying put at 15 and 40, but my tummy has gone from 40 to 38.5, so that's good to see.

Diet, everything going easy and good. Sunday before last we went over a bit on fat and sodium intake (cooked up and ate the smoked sausage we still had in the fridge and didn't want to go bad), but even then we weren't over by much on the sodium and we were within calories still. Other than that one day we've been sticking to everythnig we should and staying away from bad stuff.

Exercise, that's been the suck. Monday before last my knee decided it has had enough of this walking/running bullshit, and by interval 7 of the day would barely support my weight walking. I stopped for the day to give it a break, and by the next morning it was hard going up and down stairs and shuffling fast across the road to avoid traffic was pushing it. By the end of last week walking was fine, and quick runs to dodge cars was ok but a bit twingy, and today it's feeling good again. Starting tonight I'm going to ease back into things, and alternate walking and exercise bike work. I've been doing various strength exercises I've learned in the past should help with knee stability, so hopefully that helps as I keep it up. It's the same knee I've had surgery on to fix torn cartilage, so not too surprised it's the one giving me problems. This might help teach me to start off a little bit slower and build up instead of going from nothing to full go :)
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