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Weekly progress report 
30th-Apr-2007 01:17 pm
dream tree
Hiyas, time for my usual monday morning update and weigh-in :)

On the good side, weigh-in showed a loss of another pound, putting me at 167. The BMI chart now says I'm officially in the "Healthy" range now *cheers*. I'll be happier when I'm closer to the middle than the bare edge of the high end, but this is good. Measurements are trending the same, I lost another inch around the belly, butt and neck measurements are exactly the same. This works for me, as the belly is what I most wanted to work down.

Nutrition overall isn't doing bad. I've never gone over the top, but there's been a few days where I bottomed out. Oops. I've had a cold/sore throat/cough/thingy which really killed my energy or desire to do anything, so I had to go back and fill in the nutrition info for a few days in a row all at once. Some of the stuff I thought would be higher calorie wasn't, and some of the days I just didn't each much cause I'm not hungry when sick. Most were close, but that one day only came to 890. Just goes to show the importance of tracking everything as it happens, and planning a bit ahead so you don't get to the end of the day and be all out of wack.

Exercise is ramping back up slowly. Beth's doctor today mentioned that my knee problems recently are probably related to the new shoes, as I've never worn anything with proper support. It chages the forces on my ankles, knees, etc, and will take time to get used to it. For now I picked up some new knee braces, some hot and cold packs for after-exercise care, and more strength building exercises. Yesterday was fully back into walking/running, but not formally timed intervals yet. I ran when I felt ready, stopped when it felt like I was pushing things jointwise. Total was 4.71 miles, 68 minutes, including warmup and cooldown periods. Tonight is exercise bike work for endurance work and give joints impact relief, tomorrow is more running.

So what's everyone else up to?
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