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How's it going? 
13th-May-2007 05:00 pm
This has been a quiet community -- how's the spark going?

I'm still running, though today my run didn't go so hot. I did manage to jog 2.5 miles before caving and walking, but I think that's because I ran the day before. I'm supposed to do that according to my training program, but it never quite works out for me.

My legs are so tired! Actually, all of me is tired, because I've been picking up some extra classes at the gym too. I feel like some part of me is always sore, but I keep telling myself that once I go into maintain mode, it won't be like this.

Food-wise, I'm starting to get a little bored, though I did just join a vegetarian sparkteam, so hopefully they'll have some suggestions.

I had to make one of my favorite party dips for a conference that I'm speaking at on Wednesday. It was torture not having any, but since it's cream cheese rolled in nuts, I figured it wasn't worth the calories. Besides, I have never yet been able to have just a little bit of it.

I just have to keep envisioning my future waistline and telling myself that it will be mine...but not if I go gorge on the cream cheese in the fridge.
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