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LJ Sparklers
Getting better a step at a time
Emotional eating, like, woah! 
25th-Apr-2007 11:14 am
Beth Aug 9
Monday was a bad day at work. I got yelled at by someone who a.) has no business yelling at me, and b.) was partly at fault for the thing he was yelling about.

Being the type of person that I am, I was really upset by the whole situation. By the time I got home, I was so drained that I didn't even want to look at my kitchen, let alone cook dinner. So, pizza was ordered and consumed. Nutritionally, we're talking about approximately 1200 calories for that one meal. The rest of my day had been on track, but the emotional eating splurge put me up to around 2100 calories for the day.

On a non-emotional eating note, the VP of Sales is in town this week and took the group here out to lunch with a new Project Manager we just brought on board. We went to Chevy's (Tex-Mex). I had fajitas, but in looking at the nutritional info, I probably consumed close to 900-1100 calories for that meal too. I can't be sure so I went with the highest number. Yesterday was on the high side of my calorie range too.

Today, I'm making an effort to keep things under control. :)
25th-Apr-2007 04:46 pm (UTC)
Keep your head up. We all go through the same thing. I remember friday I injured myself pretty badly actually. And then I did it again and made everything worse. So by the time I got home I grabbed the bucket of ice cream and started eating- straight from the bucket! Bad bad idea. I know. So I ruined my calorie intake for that day but I bounced right back and quickly got myself back down to where I needed to be. Just know that you are not alone!
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