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LJ Sparklers
Getting better a step at a time
Running update 
29th-Apr-2007 09:01 am
I ran a lot this morning.

3.7 miles in about 41 minutes in intervals of 7 minute runs with 1 minute walks for resting. (I walked a minute or two more at the end)

The race may be doable after all - I'd fallen a bit behind on my training what with the emergency trip to Wisconsin and straining my ankle, so was beginning to doubt it, but am feeling very optimistic this morning.

Dolly Parton is *totally* the best running music of all time. Want to get your blood flowing? Crank up 9 to 5 to get your office angst moving and your body will move right along with it. Industrial is too fast for me - I exhaust myself - but Dolly's rhythm seems to work perfectly for me for a good run.

This morning's run (burning 450 calories) even cancels out the apple pie I had for breakfast (also 450 calories). Still, I think the pie helped with my go juice, so will have to find something sugary to eat before running that's not so high calorie.

Now for a shower, because I am a stinky monkey.
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